Using 3d Models Design for Education

Using 3d Models Design for Education

Utilizing 3D modeling design students can experience various engineering and product development processes as they use computer assisted design (CAD) software to build models from their very foundation. A whole host of projects for the classroom can be enhanced using 3D modeling design, including calculus, chemistry, computer programming and physics. The only limitation on 3d modeling design projects is the imagination of teachers and students.

  • 3D models design Discovery in the Classroom
  • 3D models design Ideal for Student Learning

3D models design Discovery in the Classroom

Using 3d modeling design students can experience the process enabling them to produce prototypes and models as they discover how inkjet nozzles deposit fabrication materials on to a building platform in layers thereby producing a three dimensional model. 3D prototyping in the classroom can reveal how rapid prototyping technology has been used in various industries through hands on design projects. Teachers could educate students using 3D modeling design projects regarding the properties of various polymers, plastics and metals used in the fabrication of models during rapid prototyping. The study of 3D modeling design in the classroom would open up a wide variety of interests as students were able to complete projects from start to finish.

In industry, 3D prototyping requires the talents of many people working in a coordinated manner to reach a desired goal. By organizing students into design teams and using 3D models design formats, students would learn how to contribute and coordinate their activities to reach a common goal as design team members. Comprehensive 3D models design projects would require students to design, plan and implement project objectives and encourage them to cooperatively work toward completion of those objectives. Contributions on many different levels would be possible by all members on a 3D models design team with each one working toward the successful result of producing a working project prototype.

3D models design Ideal for Student Learning

Being introduced to a 3D modeling design project would give students a glimpse into the world of professional design and allow them to discover what it would mean to have a career as a member of a design company. The 3D modeling design project would allow them to see the many roles involved and the skills necessary to be a contributing member of a design team. 3D prototyping projects are an excellent avenue toward releasing a number of skills and ambitions for students. As a design team member students could express creativity, innovation and knowledge as they complete a 3D prototyping project which has drawn from a number of academic disciplines.

3D modeling design projects could be organized to show students the relevancy and dependency of various disciplines that might otherwise seem separate. Students can discover first hand how computer skills, architectural skills and engineering skills all can come together and work to produce a product that is better and more functional then the products before it. 3D modeling is an excellent venue for releasing and innovation and creativity possessed by the students as they strive together to complete projects. A classroom using 3D prototyping projects would benefit both teachers and students by providing an almost unlimited application of skills and knowledge.

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