Owning A Slice of History Decorating With Tapestry Wall Hangings

Owning A Slice of History Decorating With Tapestry Wall Hangings

When people think of wall hangings, the automatic image that comes to mind would be photographs and paintings mounted on the wall. But if you’re looking to bring class, history and elegance right into your very home, then a great option for wall decorating would be using tapestry wall hangings.

Tapestry-making is an art that originated way back in the Hellenistic period. It was during the Middle Ages that the art of tapestry-making finally became popular in the whole of Europe. Ornately designed and intricately woven tapestry pieces were used to decorate the walls of palaces and castles. You too can have that sense of royalty in your very own home with the right tapestry wall hangings.

Before you settle for putting another painting up in your room, consider this: did you know that the fabric used in the creation of your tapestry wall hangings can greatly lessen the sound vibrations in your room? This would allow better auditory distinctiveness in the room where you choose to hang your tapestry wall hanging. It’s not only aesthetically pleasing, tapestry wall hangings are also quite functional, making them a popular choice when it comes to wall décor.

The modern tapestry wall hangings you can find being sold on the market are usually a combination of antique art and modern trends. Tapestry wall hangings are created through a painstakingly accurate process of weaving warp threads and colored weft threads with the use of a vertical loom. The most intricately designed and well-detailed tapestry wall hangings are usually created with closely woven warp threads.

Tapestry wall hangings created during the olden times were hand-made. The designs of the tapestry wall hangings told stories and lessons, with some of these wall hangings being absolutely massive in size. Some tapestry wall hangings were created in series and often telling a great story in the process. Tapestries like “The Lady and the Unicorn” and “the Hunt of the Unicorn” had around six or seven parts each. Each one depicting the same main characters, and each one having a different message for the owner.

For a long time, Paris was considered to be the tapestry capital of Europe, unfortunately a great number of the tapestries created in Arras were destroyed during the French Revolution. They were burnt in order for their gold threads to be obtained.

Today, you can find a lot of craftsmen who are able to recreate some of the most famous tapestries throughout history. If you’re looking to add a historic piece of art into your home, you can employ the services of tapestry makers to recreate a particular design that you want.

You can also have an artist create a tapestry cartoon especially for you and your family, and you can employ the services of craftsmen to complete a truly unique handmade tapestry to adorn the walls of your home.

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