Mini Facelift – What is a Mini Facelift

Mini Facelift – What is a Mini Facelift

Mini facelift is a minor surgical procedure which is done to correct facial aging evident on the cheek, the mid face and the lower eyelid. This re-establishes the original youthful facial balance by lifting the neck and the lower third of the face. It differs from full Facelift which treats all parts of the face.  If you want to look younger, mini facelift is a better option because it is cheaper with minimal side effects. This procedure targets the lower two thirds of the face and neck, it also repositions the skin to remove sagginess and wrinkling that occurs with age. This procedure is preferred by many men and women in their 40’s though in recent year the demand has gone down on the side of men.

Benefits of Mini Facelift

  • Mini facelift procedure is preferred by many because it is quick with instant results. It leaves you with a natural look revealing the smoother, youthful facial contours of the skin.
  • Mini face lift procedure helps deal with the emotions of getting old because you can virtually mask your age under a balanced smoother face.
  • Mini facelift does not involve the eye areas and therefore the risks to the eye are averted.
  • Mini facelift procedure is good for sagging skin around frown lines.
  • This mini facelift procedure is beneficial to those who are happy with how their foreheads and eyes look but are worried about the old look on the lower face and the neck.
  • Mini facelift is an outpatient procedure and therefore saves time with quick recovery.
  • Mini face lift procedure is friendlier to the pocket compared to the full-blown facelift procedures. In the past, people who had been operated before found it difficult to go for readjustment but with the advent of mini facelift, it is easier.

Who can benefit from mini facelift procedure?

Men and women in their 40’s are at a better chance of benefiting most from mini facelift. Individuals with laxity along the lower face and jaw line that wish to tighten the area without going through a complete facelift surgery are also good candidates. If you have had facelift before and you need adjustment, the best option for you is the mini facelift and not the full-blown surgery.  The most important factor of all is health. Good health will help with quick recovery and prevent postsurgical bleeding and infection. Discuss with your doctor to know the kind of expectations you should have. This will help you deal with unmet expectations following mini facelift procedure.

Complications after the Mini Face Lift Procedure

The complications of mini face lift procedure are mild and should not discourage you from seeking to look better.  The most common complication after the mini facelift procedure is constant discomfort in the areas that were operated on and results from tissue irritation. However this discomfort is not permanent, it fades away in few weeks. You may also experience numbness in the areas affected.  This happens because of destruction of the cutaneous nerve endings in the skin responsible for pain transmission. Finally there may be bruising on the skin which may cause scarring.

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