3 Free Weight Loss Tips For You!

3 Free Weight Loss Tips For You!

Most experts would tell you that in order to lose weight, you need to reduce your food intake. Sounds good, and while reducing your food intake can actually help you to some extent, there are certain limits you need to adhere to! If you reduce your food intake beyond a certain level, you will sabotage your weight loss efforts. What if I tell you that you can lose weight without reducing your food intake? Weight loss doesn’t mean going hungry for days. In this article I will tell you how you can eat and still lose weight!

Eat properly: Proper eating is the key to weight loss success. By proper eating, I mean no junk foods and no fried stuff; only boiled food with minimal oil. Whenever you cook your food, make sure to add lots of spices and pour very little oil into the frying pan. Cutting down on your oil intake will reduce your calorie intake automatically, while spices will help you burn fat by boosting your metabolism.

Simply eliminating junk foods won’t serve the purpose; you also need to eliminate junk drinks such as soda, processed fruit juices, fizzy drinks, beer, etc. because they are just loaded with lots of calories and provide very little nutrition to your body.

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Truth to be told, if you just make sure that you are eating nutritious food all the time, weight loss shouldn’t be a problem for you!

No meal skipping: I know you have probably heard it many times, but since some people tend to repeat their mistakes over and over again, I need to reiterate this here: DO NOT skip meals. Meal skipping won’t help you with weight loss; in fact, it will just do the opposite! When you starve your body, it automatically tends to store the fat deposits instead of burning them, so that these fat deposits can be later used by your body to feed itself during the starvation period. As you can see, starving hardly helps!

Instead of starving, try to have a regular food plan consisting of natural fruits and vegetables. Try to eat six small meals per day to make sure you never get hungry. When you are not hungry, there is no question of gorging on junk foods!

Jogging is your true friend: You shouldn’t of course forget about exercising. Exorcises help you build strong muscles which in turn will enable you to get rid of that huge fat belly. Muscles will burn your fat deposits and therefore it is only in your best interests to increase your lean muscle mass. The best way to do this is by jogging regularly. Even a half-an-hour jogging, if done regularly, can do wonders for you! Also try to do some weight lifting exercises in your gym at least three times per week; this will help you build stronger muscles!